When the pieces don’t fit anymore


Maybe it's not always about trying to fix something broken. Maybe it's about starting over and creating something better. Kushandwizdom.tumblr.com I don't know about you but after a depressive episode or manic episode that turned psychotic, I do believe that one wants the fragments of what occurred during that episode to piece itself together like … Continue reading When the pieces don’t fit anymore


Where is happiness to be found?

After 11 months of living with depression this year one can understand the question. Has it passed me by? Will i ever find the "me" that is not sad again?? This depression is not a passing phase and not looking to lift and clear up like after a cold front as one would expect. I … Continue reading Where is happiness to be found?

When the storm rips

https://i.pinimg.com/originals/a1/d5/d8/a1d5d81e5c754399350ae995f4bd2f07.jpg What if the storm devastates your life and rips it to shreds as often witnessed with great hurricanes? What is your reaction?? I know what mine should be. Don't we often get told to remain calm in the midst of a crisis? I, however rip myself to shreds as if the storm is within … Continue reading When the storm rips

Love Them Anyway

Brilliant! Written with insight and truth!

The Bipolar Writer Mental Health Blog


As we walk through the journey of life we will experience the presence of many different people who will touch our hearts in numerous ways. Some are with us from birth and some enter our story in different chapters, however each of them can bring a kaleidoscope of inspiration, disappointment, joy, heartache, happiness and pain. Those who bring us joy, those who show us happiness, are those that allow this journey toward purpose and peace simple and effortless. However, realistically, there will be disappointment and we will feel pain, and the source may be from those we love.

The pain that they may bring, the heartache they may cause and the disappointment you may feel can bring you to your knees, question your faith and, at times, destroy your hope. It is our most human trait to believe in the purity of love. We are wired to believe that if…

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