Finding hope through the impossible

As I have walked this blog journey I have shared that I am job hunting. Despite bipolar depression ready to sink in, I am fortunately still able to apply for jobs.

I had an interview recently that is always cause for stress deluxe to my system. I know what to expect but every interview scenario feels like me auditioning for a part and trying to reveal my true character without sounding uncomfortable.

I truly hope that I am seriously considered but as these things go one never knows.

I have many hopes and dreams like becoming a freelance copywriter. I am studying internet courses so that I can upskill myself having come from a human resource background. I think the frustration in my career was that I was not doing what my creative self was meant to do.

As I change the trajectory of my life, I encounter obstacles and I admit some self- created. Ever felt that way?

I have ideas. I see the possibilities and have to constantly remind myself I am not a lost girl with a dream but someone who wants to forge a new path that is scary and unknown but equally challenging and exciting.

I have a mug from a family member which reads “you are awesome, remember that”. A cliche maybe but an incredible reminder of what lies within.

I often think we veer off course from our dreams out of fear. And I am the first to admit that I am not a fearless superwoman but an ordinary woman with extraordinary dreams.

Dear reader, dream your amazing, outrageous dreams and let no obstacle stand in your way, most importantly yourself!

You are Awesome, remember that😊

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