What still trips me up…

Well, the emotional upheaval of everyday life. Those minor misunderstandings that lead to major meltdowns. I took a mental health day yesterday after feeling brilliant for months.

I thought I was finally in a positive place. Life has purpose again. The opportunity to live and work abroad and I am grabbing the opportunity with both hands. It means teaching English in a foreign city and culture. But, the opportunity to grow personally and explore Asia is not a wasted opportunity as I will be working for a year. But in the middle of an amazing TEFL course I just crashed. I needed a break. I was feeling under the weather because of a lurking tummy bug but ultimately because someone deeply upset me. I am not able to distance myself from the stress of the course and my own emotional upset. Recharge I did. Visited and encouraged by a good friend I was able to fight my old demons.

I beat morning fatigue today with determination and a good dose of coffee. Yay for a good brew that puts pep in your step!! But why are other mornings not so easy. Don’t we all run on cortisol in the morning to get us going??? Why am I so different? My duvet tug of war always plays out in the mornings. Yikes!! With an impending new job coming up soon this will not work. So how do I banish those thoughts that churn and drown my good vibes? How do you, dear friends??? I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

2 thoughts on “What still trips me up…

    1. Hi Felicity thanks for your comment. I appreciate it so much. I am living through lockdown feeling frustrated and sometimes down at my lack of movement. I haven’t found inspiration to write because all the emotions I am going through I can’t put it into words fully. Be patient with me. I hope to express myself soon. 🤗


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