Where the multipotentialite paths lead

Maybe some of you can relate to the title of multiple paths where our curiosities stretch over a wide cross section of interests and ideas. And what if there is no single path for those whose brains are wired like mine. I move from job to job out of lack of interest and not willing … Continue reading Where the multipotentialite paths lead

The floating mind

I seem to love water metaphors. I am overwhelmed by a current that is pushing me downstream or so it feels. But I am safe in my raft with my mental life jacket, intelligence and wisdom. But does that fly out of the window when overswept by emotion and trying to not to give into … Continue reading The floating mind

When the storm rips

https://i.pinimg.com/originals/a1/d5/d8/a1d5d81e5c754399350ae995f4bd2f07.jpg What if the storm devastates your life and rips it to shreds as often witnessed with great hurricanes? What is your reaction?? I know what mine should be. Don't we often get told to remain calm in the midst of a crisis? I, however rip myself to shreds as if the storm is within … Continue reading When the storm rips