A Season of Reflection

I am in my season of reflection during my personal sabbatical after leaving a traumatic work situation. Now it is time to move on from what was. And finding healthy me again. Due to the reduction in stress my combination of medication is effective in minimum quantities. The end result is a more focused and determined self.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Job hunting is not an easy occupation and has become a bit of a contact sport with many vying for the same role when there is only capacity for one selected and successful candidate. I am always conflicted about whether to disclose my mental health status and whether saying yes would automatically put me in the no pile, although protected by labour laws in my country. But in practice it is a very different reality. How about you dear reader is it a stumbling block for you too? I know my capabilities and limitations but how that translates to a new employer given the misconceptions and judgement and stigma associated with a person living with bipolar status still causes angst for me .

Despite my varied work experiences , I can’t help feeling like a fossil in my respective industry. I now have to study new trends and future trends to stay relevant and competitive. This is starting to sound like a cover letter. Lol. I ultimately see myself transitioning to my career of choice which is communication particularly at a media agency. I know that my age does not favour me, despite only being 40 but the industry average is 20 something.

Life only shows one your true path after having gone through much strife and tribulation. And life experience is exactly that. Isn’t it? Like many I have to pick myself up and rebuild my career whatever that may look like. Be brave enough to accept the challenge and rely on my leadership skills.

Has long term employment ever been hampered by bipolar or by work conditions and environment, dear friends? I seem to change jobs every 4 yours whether illness related or just not being stimulated sufficiently or a negative work situation. How have you coped in the past if your bipolar like mine is not easily maintained by medication. My mental health then remains variable depending on everything going on in life, work just being one aspect of that?

As difficult as it may be I choose to remain positive about the future whatever may lie ahead. I am grateful to the WordPress community for the support and understanding.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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