The floating mind

I seem to love water metaphors. I am overwhelmed by a current that is pushing me downstream or so it feels. But I am safe in my raft with my mental life jacket, intelligence and wisdom. But does that fly out of the window when overswept by emotion and trying to not to give into every atom of fear? Know what I mean friend???

Life has thrown me in so many currents, streams and tides and no matter how unbalanced my raft, I have managed to stay afloat. I am currently in a precarious life situation. Unemployed with limited employment prospects and yet still afloat. I am going to run through the rapids of life and paddle with all my might until exhaustion sets in and have reached peaceful, calm waters. I believe it’s possible in my bipolar life.

I can only hope that calm will permeate my spirit when fears and anxieties rise. And that in that calm I can rest. The storms ahead although concerning offer no threat but just another challenge to overcome. Dark skies may loom in my mood but they quickly pass. Is it the hope of a new horizon and a new future that I am floating towards, while I bask in an amazing sunrise I smile with weary acceptance and claim the victory with oars raised. Can you consider a beautiful future friend despite every obstacle and challenge in our lives?

I cling to that future with quiet desperation. How about you?

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