The Unreal side of Love

I lost this blog post, don’t you absolutely hate it when you didn’t save a draft.

I will attempt to start again as I believe it’s something I want and need to share.

Love is often called stupid, crazy love. I don’t know much about Love but I do seem to know its side effects intimately. The euphoria, joy, walking on clouds feeling which is unlike me given I am bipolar 2 and no, I assure you I am not hypomanic . When the side effects wear off and withdrawal sets in all one can ask for is a supportive and compassionate partner who will hold you at your worst and delight in your expansive sense of humor when it strikes. Now I am lol. Truly not me when I am my shell shy Self. But like I said I am prone to side effects.

I have always believed in that the only certainty in Life is Uncertainty. I find myself clinging to the certainty of Uncertainty. Starting something new is the easy part but staying committed and holding on is the hard part especially when your partner is a million miles away. Tell me how you do it friends reading this post. Share your words of wisdom with me. Is it possible??

My brain and heart are walking the clouds. I have to wrench it back to earth, yet another side effect. Lol.

I guess that resting in the Unreal side of Love like bipolar requires the patience and comfort of heart, mind and spirit to endure all uncertainties. What do you think?

6 thoughts on “The Unreal side of Love

  1. Are you asking about long distance relationships? If so, I have a pretty negative view of them after being in one with an unfaithful person. I only have a glimpse of the different girls he was seeing/talking to/sleeping with. I don’t think long distance relationships are worth it, they create so much longing and pain.


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