Valentine’s Valiancy

Welcome to Valentine’s Day 2019 all. I hope it was as romantic as the hype leads us to believe. But when we step away from the stereotypes of what should or shouldn’t be done.

Big ups to the good guys willing to break the mold and offer more than just a trivial gift of love that expires at the end of the 14th, but the eternal gift of connected partnership. Impossible and difficult for most of us maybe. But this gift far exceeds any other in any relationship.

My bipolar mind in all sorts of directions today and the offer of a metal rose my only possible gift, which I am yet to see lol. Still in search of that enviable partnership that very few have discovered.

I choose not to close the door on love but open my heart to all that a beautiful soul contains that is willing to share with my soul. I want to walk into that embrace eyes and arms and soul wide open. Finally I am home. How about you?

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