When the storm rips


What if the storm devastates your life and rips it to shreds as often witnessed with great hurricanes? What is your reaction?? I know what mine should be. Don’t we often get told to remain calm in the midst of a crisis? I, however rip myself to shreds as if the storm is within me not outside of me and I allow it to rip through every area of my life like a hurricane that is endless and with endless repercussions. And the question I most often ask in therapy is how do I change this from occurring and yet again, like now, I am there again. And for the umpteenth time I am asking the same question and the result remains the same.

So, in an effort to change that, help me along the way will you with some of your thoughts? I want to be able to see the storm not rip me to shreds and leave me like a deserted soul in the aftermath of Hurricane Liuli. I would  like to see the outcome change because I know that I cannot live this way any longer, in spite of living with bipolar however it may shift and change my mood and discolour every situation for me and make it feel extremely overwhelming and like an undeniable obstacle. I want to learn to put myself back together again in a way that is healthy. I want to learn to grow through my storm experience and possibly outgrow it if it were possible.

I am no Zeus, the Greek god of Thunder, that can lash back at my storm with an even greater ferocity but I hope that I have the compulsion to do so with every shred of my being.


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